The Quick-Write Handbook for Everyday Writers – Beginning


The Quick-Write Handbook for Everyday Writers – Beginning

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Quick-Write is brand new and can be used at home and/or in school. 

Quick-Write Handbook teaches children story elements and how to write cohesively.

Elements are broken down step-by-step to show how stories evolve, then how to apply them to writing. 
The use of graphic organizers provide a visual of story elements for understanding and ideas are listed for students to chose.
Children are provided with over 300 basic words they need to begin writing and other familiar words such as, school related, weather, and others in their day-to-day environment.
This book includes not only story elements, but grammar and sentence writing.
A handy table of contents makes it easy to find concepts.
There is a note to students inside the front cover.
An index is inside the back cover with all skills listed.
Will bundle is more than one copy is needed.